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Hello WSC Members:

Yesterday the Federal Office of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency sent out a Memorandum on the Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During the COVID-19 Response.

This memorandum contains a list that identifies workers who conduct a range of operations and services that are essential to continued critical infrastructure viability, including staffing operations centers, maintaining and repairing critical infrastructure, operating call centers, working construction, and performing management functions, among others.

The industries they support represent, but are not necessarily limited to: medical and healthcare, telecommunications, information technology systems, defense, food and agriculture, transportation and logistics, energy, water and wastewater, law enforcement, and public works.

We want all our WSC members -- and especially our state associations of well contractors -- to be aware of and share this critical information. The water well industry's work has been identified as critical and can therefore continue during this time when Americans are being told to stay home and isolate.

The Memorandum also reminds everyone that you should follow guidance from the CDC, as well as state and local government officials, regarding strategies to limit disease spread.

We know our work of providing safe drinking water to Americans is vital and so does our government. Please follow CDC guidelines to stay safe and healthy and reach out to WSC with any questions or concerns you may have.