About the PGWA


Founding date: 1968 (as the Pennsylvania Water Well Association; name changed in 1992)

Who we are: The Pennsylvania Ground Water Association is the premiere organization for anyone working in or affiliated with the groundwater industry in Pennsylvania. We are a nonprofit organization, and the PGWA is composed of groundwater professionals — drilling contractors, scientists and engineers, equipment manufacturers, and suppliers.

Our Purpose: Is to provide information and support to our members, to governmental representatives, and to the public so they can make sound technical and economic decisions for the beneficial development, protection, and management of Pennsylvania’s groundwater resources.

Our mission: We are dedicated to advancing groundwater understanding and knowledge.

Our vision: Is to be a leading groundwater association that advocates the responsible development, management, use, and protection of Pennsylvania’s groundwater.

Our goals:

  • To further groundwater understanding, knowledge, and protection through education and outreach
  • To use advocacy to advance the interests of our membership and protect groundwater resources
  • To serve our members by holding educational events
  • To develop and improve professional practices and procedures.

Our values:

  • The whole of the PGWA is greater than the sum of its distinct membership divisions
  • The informed, responsible, and  sustainable use of Pennsylvania’s groundwater resources is our paramount concern
  • A true community of professionals includes diverse perspectives that must be heard and considered
  • Professionalism in the groundwater industry is achieved through continuous learning and sharing of knowledge developed from both thinking and practice
  • Pursuing innovation is essential to sustaining PGWA's relevance for the future.

Membership in PGWA:

  • Four membership divisions —  contractors, scientists and engineers, manufacturers, and suppliers
  • Thirteen committees — Awards, By-Laws, Education, Finance, Insurance, Legislative, Membership, Nominating, Public Awareness, Publishing, Summer Field Conference, Winter Conference and Trade Show, and Web Site.

PGWA member benefits:

  • The PGWA is an industry leader in continuing professional education by offering a Winter Conference and an outdoor Summer Field Conference
  • The PGWA is an industry leader by conducting an annual trade show
  • The PGWA offers educational programs that provide Professional Development Hours to Pennsylvania licensed professional geologists and licensed professional engineers

PGWA Board of directors:

  • The PGWA Board of Directors has 12 voting members
  • Each membership division is represented on the Board of Directors
  • Contact information for PGWA Officers and Directors is at this link

Staff contact:

       Bill Reichart, Executive Director

  • Telephone:  1-814-553-3883
  • Email address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.